January 2010 -

Congratulations to all our matric learners of 2009 who passed their finals, many of whom did extremely well. A special word of congratulations to Roxanne Eastes (Visual Art) who is 9th on the general merit list for the province with 8 distinctions to her credit.
Roxanne Eastes, our star student!

Elizma Briers had 6 distinctions.

Monica Bruwer had 5 distinctions.

Heinrich Minnie, achieved 4 distinctions.

Carla Marais who had 4 distinctions.
Rone Mari Botha with 2 distinctions.

Others who did very well and received distinctions in Visual Art or Design, were:

Caro Jordaan (Jewelry design)
Monica Bruwer (Fashion Design)
Elzaan Le Roux (Visual Arts)
Elizma Briers (Visual Arts)
Carla Marais (Visual Arts)
Heinrich Minnie(Visual Arts)
JC Van Schalkwyk (Visual Arts)
Chandre Stramrood (Visual Arts)
Sirolene Roselt (Graphic Design)
Chane Dreyer (Design Illustration)
Rone Mari Botha (Visual Arts)
Tenille Weichardt (Visual Arts)
Marike Mertz (fashion Design)
Barbara Dalhauzie (Visual Arts)
Natalie Diedericks (Visual Arts)
Kylie Mitchel (Visual Arts)
Simone Neft (Design Illustration)
This list will be updated as soon as I have received all the results.